What is Navigating the City?

Navigating The City

This luxury printed edition with hardcover is distributed each year to over 60 hotels and is exclusively available in 4000 hotel rooms in The Hague and Delft.

Navigating The City has been a success since its introduction in 2015. In the overwhelming offer of individual flyers, tickets, this classy book with hardcover is a welcome city guide for the tourist who visits The Hague.

Clear information, written in 3 languages provided with beautiful photography, this annual edition invites you to pick it up to browse. In addition to the printed edition, there is also a mobile website in which, in addition to the same content as in the book, there is also room for each vendor for coupons, promotion or offers.

What can be found in this book?

In the book you can find information about museums, landmarks, sights and events. Also much attention is paid to shops and shopping areas. Not only in The Hague, but also in surrounding neighborhoods such as Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Delft.

Do you want to have your own copy?

That’s possible! The copy in the hotelroom will not be sold. But there is good news: on this website you can order your own copy. To browse and dream back about your lovely stay in The Hague when you are back home.

Click here to order, we ship worldwide!

edition 7,000 annually
luxury edition, hard cover
4000 hotel rooms
60 hotels
reach 450,000 visitors
+(mobile) website

Navigating The City The Hague - Delft

Need to know more?

Would you like to know more about Navigating The City? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Joost Jansen
info@navigatingthecity.nl / +3170 305 1800

Navigating The City The Hague - Delft -


Shopping area’s

City center
Zeehelden quarter
Frederik Hendrikstraat
City center (Delft)

Food area’s

Grote Marktplein
Het Plein
Oude centrum (Delft)

Beach area’s

Hoek van Holland

Gallery area’s

Korte/Lange Voorhout