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Royal Blue Collection took shape thanks to an intensive with the famous Porceleyne Fles. A great honour. The wonderfully handmade apples vary in size from a cute 6 centimetres to a sturdy 85 centimetres. Every living room, office or bedroom has space for this unique Dutch object. The Delftware decoration of the apple has been specially designed by a master-painter of Royal Delft, entirely in the Dutch tradition. This truly is unique to this collection. Unique to the recipient of the gift. Or perhaps as a gift to yourself?
The special combination of the ceramic sculptures, painted by Royal Delft provide a special connection between a modern design and the traditional Dutch Delftware.

The Royal Blue Collection consists of three product lines. The collection comprises ceramic apples, each of which is a unique work of art by itself. They combine the traditional ‘Delft Blue’ with modern designs. All these creations give the feel of a colourful history and are hand-made. Hand-painted by Royal Delft and come with a certificate of authenticity.